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Camps & Clinics

E3 Sports Performance provides a diverse range of camps and clinics designed to elevate athletic abilities and foster a passion for sports. Whether you're a budding athlete looking to enhance specific skills or a seasoned player aiming for peak performance, E3's programs cater to various levels and interests. From intensive training camps focused on individual sports disciplines to clinics that emphasize overall fitness and teamwork, E3 Sports Performance is committed to providing a dynamic and supportive environment for athletes to thrive. Join our camps and clinics to experience expert coaching, cutting-edge training techniques, and a community that shares your dedication to athletic excellence. Elevate your game with E3 Sports Performance.

12 Week Training Camp
Pitching, Hitting, Combo

Our 12-week training programs are designed to enhance your skills, boost your performance, and take your game to the next level.

Embark on a journey tailored to your specific needs with our specialized programs:

  • Pitching Program: Master the art of pitching with targeted workouts and personalized coaching to refine your technique and increase your velocity.

  • Hitting Program: Develop power, precision, and consistency at the plate through comprehensive training sessions and expert guidance.

  • Combo Program: Get the best of both worlds by combining pitching and hitting training to become a well-rounded player capable of dominating every aspect of the game.

Starting on May 20th, join us for 12 weeks of intensive training, where dedication meets excellence. Are you ready to unleash your full potential? Sign up now and let's make this season your best one yet!

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