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A Place For Players

Train, Develop, Succeed

e3 Sports Performance 

Welcome to E3 Sports Performance.  Herein lies the culmination of dreams, motivation, and success. Beyond our doors you'll find a community of dedicated individuals and staff, all committed to fostering an environment where players can cultivate strength, refine their skills, and push harder to achieve more. We didn't stop with batting cages and state of the art gym equipment - our unique indoor/outdoor facility also offers both individual and team opportunities to unlock their full potential in all sports. Step inside, and join us on this exciting journey towards excellence in sports performance.  


Private Baseball and Softball Lessons. Group Lessons.  Strength & Conditioning Training. Speed & Agility Training.  Cage Rentals.  Various Membership Opportunities. Something for athletes in every sport. 


Our doors are open: 

Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm 

Saturday & Sunday - Hours are based on appointments & classes 


What E3 Offers

We are here for all players!
Football. Baseball. Softball. Volleyball. LAX. Soccer. Basketball. Rugby.
All Athletes  


Our Training and Facility Memberships are designed to meet the needs of any athlete. Footballs players, volleyball, softball, LAX, you name it an we have a membership for you.  Whether you're looking for a fully designed training program or just gym access, we've got you covered. 

Strength Training and Speed & Agility Training 

This program is built for all athletes looking to grow in their sport. The Youth Foundation Strength Training Program is designed to empower young individuals aged 10 to 13 with the knowledge and skills to develop a strong and healthy foundation through bi-weekly strength training sessions. This program aims to promote physical fitness, improve self-confidence, and instill lifelong habits of physical well-being as players prepare for long athletic careers.

Private Lessons 

Our highly skilled trainers will continue to offer private training for: 




Speed and Agility 

Strength & Conditioning 

Personal Fitness 

 Hitting Groups

Our highly skilled staff will work with smalls groups to improve their game at the plate.  Trainers will focus on helping each athlete perfect their approach and swing in a way that works best for them. We take pride in not creating a cookie cutter swing, and look to adopt each players authentic patterns, giving them the best opportunity to thrive. 

Pitching Groups

Proper pitching technique and arm care are most important for athletes of all ages.  This fall, our trainers will work to develop your pitcher. Trainers will focus on pitching technique and arm care, all while helping your player become more accurate, strong, consistent, and confident pitcher. 

Catching Groups

Our catcher’s groups will work on all major aspects of being behind the plate. Players will receive instruction on stance, signs, receiving, framing, blocking, throwing, fielding bunts, tags and the mental aspects of dealing with pitchers. Our objective for all skills is to give each player a championship experience and provide useful information teaching proper mechanics, techniques and set up drills for the player to use for personal skill development.


1042 Cainhoy Road, Charleston, SC, USA


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